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Mythic Avatar Extras

The Dragon Rider

Ever wanted to ride a dragon through the skies, or be the dragon soaring over the land with your partner on your back? Here’s the Core Dragon add-on you need!

In fact, there are 11 riding positions available, including passengers on the back, and captives in the jaws or the front and hind paws!

Scripted by the brilliant Tapple Gao, this system uses Experience-controlled temp attach HUDs to give your passengers control over their seating and to allow quick change of flight control.

Includes an optional saddle, and animations that automatically adjust to whether you are riding with the saddle or bareback.

Check it out on Marketplace to learn more!

Alternative Heads

Customise your Mythic Avatar even further with your choice of alternate head! The face may be the most important part for expressing your nature, so make it yours.

These head packs work with every size of both the Dragon and the Wyvern – all included! They are compatible with all the original avatar’s features, too, such as head attachment parts (like horns and fins), facial expressions, and skins. 

It’s easy to switch out your head. Simply detach the original head and attach the new one!

Check out the launch announcement for each head via the buttons below to learn more:

Dinosaur Avatar Extras


Be the first to try Dawn Kingdoms Bakes-on-Mesh when you get this add-on pack for the new Iguanodon avatar!

You can do a lot in the customisation panel of your Dawn Kingdoms avatar HUD: 16+ skin options; colour/pattern choices for eyes, claws, and teeth; options for tinting; and buttons available for adding in custom skins… But you can do even more with Bakes-On-Mesh!

Check out the possibilities with this add-on pack for the new Iguanodon avatar. Try adding another pattern, or tinting the bakes-on-mesh layer separately from the avatar. You can even rough your dinosaur up a little with added wounds – perfect for role-play and Primal Life!

Primal Life Survival Simulator

The truly immersive way to enjoy your Dawn Kingdoms avatar! Experience life in the distant past, relying the strengths of your chosen species to survive in a primal world.

All Dawn Kingdoms avatars are compatible with the Primal Life system (including the dragons!) so grab your HUD and head to the SIM to start playing. Gain experience, explore the landscape, find resources, survive hazards, avoid detection or fight for dominance, and see how far you can make it in the wild!

Landscaping & Decor

Create your own prehistoric landscapes and dioramas on your own turf! Available exclusively at the in-world store, you can get a variety of era-appropriate plant life and static dinosaur statues for all of your terrain decor needs.

Don’t forget to look out for the collectable figurines available at some events, too, or museum skeletal statues soon to see the (wind)light of day…

Obviously this range will be greatly enhanced by the coming of animesh, giving you autonomous, interactive dinosaurs to roam your landscapes or ill-advised theme parks… So stay tuned!

What about pure rideables - no partner required?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the blog, or staying up to date via Discord or the in-world group, you’ll know that we have already released an animesh rideable or two, at least temporarily! For now, these will be relatively basic charity event-exclusives and prizes, but you can be sure that something better is in the works.

Missed out? You can still ride the friendly Gallimimus on the Dawn Kingdoms SIM, or hitch a ride with our Plesiosaurs or Pteranodons… And be sure to stay tuned for more announcements!

What about Animesh pets?

Animesh is really exciting, isn’t it? There are hundreds of thrilling possibilities coming to mind, and somewhat dangerous pets is, of course, one of them. Stay up to date via the blog or group in-world to hear new Animesh announcements.

See what people are saying:


Loving it! Perfect for the Dragon. No regret buying this. Beautiful Add-on <3 Cool HUD design. Simple and Easy to use. Thank you WN! Keep bringing more \m/ You’re the best!

Dragon Rider

Very Fun to use when you are the dragon…

Want to be an air taxi for a large sim? Make sure you are the dragon and the driver is set to dragon. Enable fly. It will be the most fun you ever had. Dragon taxi service.

Dragon Rider

Very nice head!

Love it

Saurus Add-On Head

Good riding system

Comes with lots of seats, a fun flight system, and auto walk – this feature is greatly appreciated since it frees you up to go into mouselook and fire off some breath weapons, or to just talk to people whole carting them around until you need to turn.

Zexen Alecto
Dragon Rider