Halloweeen Horrors Far From Over

Halloweeen Horrors Far From Over

Halloween is now in full swing at the Dawn Kingdoms! 

The veil between our world and the spooky realms beyond has thinned, letting through terrible undead monsters to infest Azhar Dracys, and unleashing fresh horrors on the grid at large in the form of our new Dracolich avatar… But is there more to come…?

If you haven’t played our Halloween battle game yet, now’s the time. If you normally have to fight the instinct to punch the jump-scares in a haunted house, you won’t have to restrain yourself here – let it all out, or be devoured by evil! Experience chills and thrills, defeat spooky challenges, and win fun Halloween prizes!

The new Dracolich avatar is also out now, so you can create a spine-tingling new look or costume for your dragon persona, throw an intimidating Halloween villain into your fantasy role-play, or whatever else tickles your sick imagination. Need inspiration? Check out the new Dracolich footage in our Halloween video below!

And is that everything…? Hmm. Better watch our Halloween 2020 round-up to find out!

Hope to see many of you around the SIM over Halloween weekend… It’s going to be a fright!

UPDATE: The Dread Wyvern is Out Now!

Grab both it and the Dracolich at the in-world store now! If you already own the Dracolich, you can use the synergy card in-store to get L$2000 off the price of your Dread Wyvern (or vice versa).

These avatars are currently selling at the original Dawn Kingdoms Dragon size, but multiple sizes will be coming soon in a free auto-update to all owners.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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