Rise of the Dracolich: Halloween Release

Rise of the Dracolich: Halloween Release

The rumours are true. There’s a monstrous new avatar release on the way! Crawling its way out of the grave just one week from now is the latest of our undead avatars… the ancient, the ghastly, the horrifying… Dracolich!

In fantasy lore, a dracolich is an intelligent dragon that has used dark magic to unnaturally extend its existence beyond the death of its body. Too beloved of power and bereft of conscience to move on, the dracolich remains to spread terror and evil even as its flesh rots from its bones…

In true Dawn Kingdoms style, of course, there is plenty more you can be with this avatar. Play the rotting dracolich as a cursed beast, resurrected slave, horrifying demon, or martyred guardian – it’s up to you!

You can also strip the avatar’s skeleton to dry bone, or become an ethereal, ghostly presence, among many other in-the-box options to make this spooky avatar yours. 

Check out the teaser video to get an early taste of what this avatar can do!

Excited yet? Then put this date in your diary: the Dracolich goes on sale on October 23rd at 6PM SLT.

We’ll see you there!

Update: The Dracolich and Dread Wyvern are out now!

Grab both at the in-world store now! If you already own the Dracolich, you can use the synergy card in-store to get L$2000 off the price of your Dread Wyvern (or vice versa). Or snap up your favourite on Marketplace using the buttons below:

These avatars are currently selling at the original Dawn Kingdoms Dragon size, but multiple sizes will be coming soon in a free auto-update to all owners.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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