Dawn Kingdoms Avatars

From cutting-edge paleontology to the realms of myth and legend

Dawn Kingdoms avatars give you the power to transform into fantastic creatures from prehistory, popular culture, and pure imagination. In the everyday world, these beasts are an impossibility. In Second Life, they walk among us – as you!

Every avatar in our range comes with a smorgasbord of features and options in the box. Multiple skins (up to 40!) and eye, tooth, and claw options; a suite of action buttons (up to 46!) in addition to the AO; optional attachments bundled with certain avatars; and more! And that’s not including Bakes-On-Mesh expansion packs or other available add-ons you can get to fine-tune your avatar.

As a point of pride, Dawn Kingdoms avatars also come with lifetime free and steeply discounted updates, where most updates are free and major updates (e.g. Bento-ifying) only cost a fraction of the full purchase price for current owners. When you buy a Dawn Kingdoms avatar, you’ll never have to buy it again.

You should certainly find something to suit you among our 2 dragons, 22 scientific dinosaurs, 12 GeneTek edition dinosaurs, and 2 special edition avatars. And there’s always more to come! Use the page buttons below to explore the range in more detail.

Mythic Avatars

Arrivals from another plane, these avatars bring creatures of myth and legend to the Dawn Kingdoms. 

Discover the flagship avatars and their astonishing array of skins, alternate body parts, animation commands, AO variants, breath weapons, magic spells, and more all included in the box!

This is a range that pushes the envelope. Learn more about the exciting possibilities for yourself: 

Scientific Avatars

The backbone of the Dawn Kingdoms range, these creatures recreate the titans of prehistory for you today! 

Based closely on paleoartist Scott Hartman’s skeletal drawings, Dawn Kingdoms scientific dinosaurs bring the latest in paleontology to life…  including optional feathers available on selected avatars!

With a range of more than 20 species, you can find all your childhood favourites and many more besides, including cute baby dino avatars! Walk with the dinosaurs in the truest possible way – as one of them!

GeneTek Avatars

There’s a natural order to things… and someone’s been screwing with it.

Reports of aberrant creatures stalking the Dawn Kingdoms are no mere rumour. From slight variations on the true scientific species to completely unknown forms of dinosaur, these inhabitants certainly aren’t natural. 

Where have they come from? What is their purpose? Who’s been playing God (or Frankenstein…) in the prehistoric realms?

Special Edition Avatars

Sometimes you’ve just gotta have some fun. Something spooky for Halloween? Terrify all the kids by having a T-Rex mall Santa? (Okay, we don’t have that one yet, but it’d be hilarious, right?)

Find all the odds and (evolutionary) ends here: