Dawn Kingdoms Avatars

From cutting-edge paleontology to the realms of myth and legend

Dawn Kingdoms avatars give you the power to transform into fantastic creatures from prehistory, popular culture, and pure imagination. In the everyday world, these beasts are an impossibility. In Second Life, they walk among us – as you!

Every avatar in our range comes with a smorgasbord of features and options in the box. Multiple skins (up to 40!) and eye, tooth, and claw options; a suite of action buttons (up to 46!) in addition to the AO; optional attachments bundled with certain avatars; and more! And that’s not including Bakes-On-Mesh expansion packs or other available add-ons you can get to fine-tune your avatar.

As a point of pride, Dawn Kingdoms avatars also come with lifetime free and steeply discounted updates, where most updates are free and major updates (e.g. Bento-ifying) only cost a fraction of the full purchase price for current owners. When you buy a Dawn Kingdoms avatar, you’ll never have to buy it again.

You should certainly find something to suit you among our 2 dragons, 22 scientific dinosaurs, 12 GeneTek edition dinosaurs, and 2 special edition avatars. And there’s always more to come! Use the page buttons below to explore the range in more detail.

New Releases!

Mythic Avatars

Arrivals from another plane, these avatars bring creatures of myth and legend to the Dawn Kingdoms. 

Discover the flagship avatars and their astonishing array of skins, alternate body parts, animation commands, AO variants, breath weapons, magic spells, and more all included in the box!

This is a range that pushes the envelope. Learn more about the exciting possibilities for yourself: 

Scientific Avatars

The backbone of the Dawn Kingdoms range, these creatures recreate the titans of prehistory for you today! 

Based closely on paleoartist Scott Hartman’s skeletal drawings, Dawn Kingdoms scientific dinosaurs bring the latest in paleontology to life…  including optional feathers available on selected avatars!

With a range of more than 20 species, you can find all your childhood favourites and many more besides, including cute baby dino avatars! Walk with the dinosaurs in the truest possible way – as one of them!

GeneTek Avatars

There’s a natural order to things… and someone’s been screwing with it.

Reports of aberrant creatures stalking the Dawn Kingdoms are no mere rumour. From slight variations on the true scientific species to completely unknown forms of dinosaur, these inhabitants certainly aren’t natural. 

Where have they come from? What is their purpose? Who’s been playing God (or Frankenstein…) in the prehistoric realms?

Special Edition Avatars

Sometimes you’ve just gotta have some fun. We’re big fans of Halloween, so check our our wonderfully gory range of undead edition avatars!

Find all the odds and (evolutionary) ends here:

See What People Are Saying:


this is excellent. Always need more undead avs!

Ghost Cloud
The Dracolich

Very nice head!

Love it

Saurus Add-On Head

Very Fun to use when you are the dragon…

Want to be an air taxi for a large sim? Make sure you are the dragon and the driver is set to dragon. Enable fly. It will be the most fun you ever had. Dragon taxi service.

Dragon Rider


How can I say? This avatar is simply fantastic! The skins are very detailed and very beautiful, the animations are very realistic, the way I can customize this avatar is just fantastic! It took me a while to buy this avatar, I saved money to buy and there were still several options for avatars, but I chose this one, it doesn’t disappoint at all, the price is quite excessive, but the quality is very great, so it pays off! I highly recommend it!

Core Wyvern


HOLY COW …..I’m at a lost for words at how awesome this is!!!
Seriously I was thinking at first glance it looks kind of impressive but when I tried the demo, no sooner than 2 minutes I immediately bought this. The demo was great in itself but nothing could prepare me for all the many things I can do with this!!! The best part of all of this is the different sizes you can use. I put on the Legend size and I felt like I was in Skyrim.
Also you should definitely get the riding system for even more fun. You can still breathe fire and do those cool tricks while the rider can actually steer and drive, how cool is that?!!
It’s pretty pricey but definitely worth every single linden you WON’T be dissapointed!

Merlin Blackrain
Core Wyvern

YES! Thank You!

It’s been a solid year since I’ve been on SL, and oh boy was I excited to go check up on some of my favorite creators! AND YAY! Not disappointed here with this new wyvern! I love being the Juvi size, i’m so cute! Just as awesome and the Dragon I own! I bought this before I saw the discount thing, but whatever! Maker deserves ever linden!
Just like the Dragon and all the other Bento critters by this maker, amazing animations, great custom kit for free and tons to play and customize to make your Wyvern special to you! Always worth the money!

Core Wyvern


I Got it as birthday Gift from a friend and it is amazing. Wonderful Details and effects. Only ohne Word….WOW

Newbie Zane
Core Wyvern

Fantastic DEMO

Comes with all the sizes to test out, was able to fly the demo versions around and get a good feel for it before buying the full version. If you are on the fence give this a try!

Core Dragon Demo


This dragon avatar is everything I have ever wanted in an avatar. It is perfect in every way.

Fredrick Borkotron
Core Dragon

Very good dragon avatar

TON of options to customize your look through the HUD
The magic abilities are really nice and the breath options are great
Low complexity for an avatar of this size and script usage is very efficient
I am very satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to other content from this creator!

Core Dragon

Love it

love it and the creator will do free update for it

Core Dragon

Yo I love this??

Idle AO is smooth and fun to watch, and the demo comes with a HUD that lets you growl, roar, bite, swipe with claws, lay down and sleep, etc. The HUD itself is very user friendly and the design is nice and appropriately themed! I was already excited to try this out and I was pleasantly surprised, and now I’m wondering if I should make a new account/character just to play as dinosaurs LOL
If you’re interested in checking these avatars out, or just wanna see it for laughs, I definitely recommend picking up a demo!

Indomitable Ripper Demo


majestic and terrifying, exactly what i’d want out of a pterosaur avatar! hud is compact and easy to navigate, and the sounds and movements are immersive and fluid. all this needs now is a saddle system to go with it, so i can carry my friends around!
all around great experience, definitely what you want if this is of interest to you.


The Perfect Dragon

This avatar is highly customizeable, has plenty of skins and presets, a great magic hud, a wide range of emotes and facerigging, and best of all, the animations, It’s safe to say it may just be the best dragon avatar, and is only going to get better.

Cera Cyannis
Core Dragon

The best out their

Can not rave enough about how amazing this av is. Its wings are absolutely spot on, animations are great, wonderful use of HUD space, compact, easy to use, and best of all, customizable. The textures are plentiful and gives almost endless possibilities. 5/5!!!!!!

Core Dragon

*Wonderful Wonderful Avatar*

If you like dragons, endless customization possiblities, and an all around great avatar–this dragon av is for you. I would say more–but modding this av is calling me 🙂

Suzanne SpiritWeaver
Core Dragon

Simply Awesome

I just bought the Dragon, and I can tell you it’s wonderful. The dragon’s movements are fluid, the effects of fire, air, water etc. are magnificent. Congratulations to the creator for this fantastic creation.

Core Dragon


Je viens d’acheter le dragon, et je peux vous dire que c’est merveilleux. Les mouvements du dragon sont fluides, les effets du feu, de l’air, de l’eau etc. sont magnifiques. Félicitations au créateur pour cette création fantastique et je vais acheter aussi des dinosaures.

Core Dragon

excellently crafted !

incontext of dragon avatars, there is none to equal this , in my opinion. There are so many options, wonderfully designed. 5 stars kudoes to Wander the creator !

Karlin Lutrova
Core Dragon


Holy sh*t this avatar is fantastic! It is gigantic, like it says on the tin, but how else is it going to really threaten an RP town?? The movements are beautiful, it honestly looks like mocap, which is impossible lol because it’s a dragon. So… mad kudos there. And the customization options feel endless… I literally can’t think of an RP situation with a Western-style dragon in which this avatar couldn’t play the part. It has THAT many options, all included in the base price. If you like to mod, sure, go wild, but there is so much here already. On top of that, the breath weapons use projectile tech (?) to actually stop at and set fire to/freeze/etc the first objects they ‘hit’, which just looks so cinematic compared to any other dragon on SL. I’m beyond impressed!! Thank you for this amazing piece of work, 10/5

Core Dragon

I LOVE it!

The best dragon avatar right now in my opinion!

Core Dragon


This is my new favorite dragon, will be buying for a friend very soon!

Core Dragon

Details, Details, Details

They are all taken care of. This is a fantastic dragon with so much to offer. With the advice of another cementer, I understand you make the wings a little smaller by adjusting your arm length. The HUD is a little hard to see but with the text on the sides it is workable. My only issue is there si so much in the hud that it is hard to remember where it all it. 😉 Great job Wanders Nowhere, keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the add ons

Brett Kjeller
Core Dragon

10 stars


Core Dragon

Best Dragon Avatar To Date!

Really excited for this avatar, and I wasn’t disappointed. … it’s WAY outdone any other mesh dragon avi out there.

Lamia Starspear
Core Dragon


This has to be the best dragon avatar ever made in SL! The animations are so smooth, the textures are beautiful, the spells are cool, the sounds are spot on, it’s perfect! I highly recommend this avatar! Within 5 minutes of wearing it, I had 7 people asking me where I got it from. It is a bit pricy but its worth it for what you get! 100/5 stars!!!!

Dan Vedrina
Core Dragon

Oh my!!!!

I get to be a dragon and guard my gold pile what more can you ask what??? WHAT MORE???

Core Dragon

Best so far <3

Works so well! And the HUD is easy for us to use!
It’s a fun roleplaying experience when I am a dragon and visited Akiba and socialize with the humans there <3
They were shocked at first but they got used to me~ ^o^
(I’m now a dragon maid… >w>)

Core Dragon

Blown Away

Incredible, Amazing, Love it. So easy to learn, the detail and work in this far exceeded expectations.

TreborLee Constantine
Core Dragon


This is an amazing dragon avatar, I’ve been expecting something like this from you lol you’ve absolutely outdone yourself. The sounds, the animations, the design details, the user interface on the hud and weapon options. I love it!

Choppa Sideways
Core Dragon


I LOVE the customization here!!! it even comes with a custom applier kit! this is truly hands down the BEST dragon avatar on the market! worth the 5000L$. i was terrified i was going to regret this, its the best. not as big as the Seawolf dragon however it beats it 100x over hands/claws down.

Shugi Mocha
Core Dragon



LeonaFox Asalia
Core Dragon

Best Feral dragon avatar !

This is the best Feral dragon Avatar i know, it is worth its price, this is just amazing how many combinations of parts and colors you can do with the hud alone, just wow !

Core Dragon

Dawn Kingdoms Dragon – AVATAR

The Dragon it is beautiful and you get a lot for the 5000 Linden. 16 different kites and quite a few possibilities to customize the kite according to your wishes. The HUD is very good and easy to understand and the textures load on the right Sim very fast. I am very pleased. To fly through SL is an experience. I’m looking forward to coming updates

Core Dragon

Well worth every penny

What do you get when you combine the realism of the Dreamcrawler mesh Feral Dragon with the customization of Seawolf and the dynamic movement of Bento? This avatar. I’ve been waiting for a good Bento dragon avatar for awhile and I finally found it here. I love my Dreamcrawler feral dragon but it just has limits on how much customization you can do with it, which is what I loved about my Seawolf dragon. This dragon is highly realistic looking and there are a wide range of custom colors, body parts, and other things you can do with this dragon. The sounds are great, the motions are fluid. … I bought this avatar just today and already am in love with it. If you roleplay as a dragon or are just a dragon lover this avatar is highly recommended. I can’t wait to see what third party options will come out for this one!

Core Dragon


i bought this months ago, and after i managed to test it out completely. i came to the conclusion that the quality of this dragon speaks for itself. its completely and utterly amazing. the size of the thing is massive which is exactly what i expect of a dragon avatar. the dragon magic is incredible, so is the many dragon breath options. the hud has everything you could ever need to do with it, completely controllable and the customization is insane. i always forget to leave reviews on stuff but this dragon deserves every bit and more. it completely destroyed my previous dragon avatars in every way. it also works with prehistoricas primal life hud so you can act out your dragon on their sim and level up and what not. … the price is high but the quality and the options are worth every bit of it and more

Core Dragon

Best Dragon Avatar on Secondlife (reloaded)

If you have seen my reviews I rip things apart on so many things and basis and this is the easiest 5 star I have been lucky to give. This is a true successor to the successful Sea wolf line and extends the best things that did with a few more tricks. … Yes, it is expensive in that it is 5,000 but considering many mesh dragons give you only one color and not as much mod-ability. Here you get most of the common dragon ideals are here Chromatic, elemental, Metallic, Celestial classes (that is multiple dragons) all represented – And you can modify easily on the hud. … the animations you get do NOT disappoint and work well in even moderate lag areas. Dragon on Dragon dust-ups are fun even in non-combat areas. You get Magic, multiple breath weapons (both types and styles), good flight and better landing. Easy controls. Lots of good thought behind what you can do. Most things clean themselves up and so it helps you like that. You can live in this. … Includes multiple working AO settings and preloads. (Just check your load and you should be fine.) I HIGHLY recommend this and it gets my Seal of approval.

Ebonfire Harbinger
Core Dragon

Damn Straight!!!

This is by far the best dragon avatar in SL…I’ve got a few of them, including Spider Productions’ mesh dragon (which is a great dragon and looks friendlier)…this one is the beast incarnate! I give 5 stars, I’ve got a few of the dinosaurs, which are also, by far, the best dinos in SL.

Nate Yakubu
Core Dragon

Not enough stars. WoW, Amazing, You gotta have this.

Can’t rave enough about this product! The avatar is amazingly done, very lifelike, plenty of animations. Plenty of extras to make your time as a dragon interesting. Being able to change color without having to buy textures is a plus. I’m hoping to see many other add ons to this product. So much comes with it that it is hard to image what.

Core Dragon

Best dragon avatar!

I’ve had several other dragons from various creators and they really just don’t stack up feature wise and looks wise in general to this. With this avatar it makes it feel as if you really could raze that town you just flew over. It’s very immersive and with all the features it offers it brings out the realism of what it would be like to live as and control a dragon if they were indeed real. Very good job!

Core Dragon

Best Dragon that I have ever experienced

This is really wonderful. Love that it has different Elements, Customizing different Colors, and Very Fantastic Animations. 5 out of 5.

Core Dragon

Best Dragon On The Market

The animations are absolutely flawless, the detail is ridiculously stunning, and the customization options are nearly endless, I have yet to come across two of the same looking dragons. THIS is the dragon SL was missing, you won’t be disappointed.

Core Dragon


Okay, I’ll make this simple..
Other Dragons are good.. And some are really good.. But THIS IS THE BEST DRAGON EVER MADE IT IN THE WORLD!!
100% SATISFIED in Buying this. Stop reading and buy it already!! Definitely worth buying <3
This creator is the best!!!

Core Dragon

10 Stars If I could

Like the Title Says 10 Stars if I could, Amazing Detail like always for Dawn Kingdoms Stuff, Great Sounds, Everything is great!!!!

DjDave Voom
Core Dragon

Great Product

I can’t express how well thought out and awesome this dragon is. You don’t have to take my word for it try the demo you’ll see instantly what a great product it is.

Rick Gearbox
Core Dragon


This is the best dragon in second life!

Core Dragon


I love it. About time we had a really good dragon on the grid. Got the ‘raptor as well and have no complaints at all.

Duke Nider
Core Dragon

Absolutely Perfectly Amazing

I’ve always loved the avatars of this maker, seeing them in Sim and the realism to them. To discover today they had a dragon… and OMG how detailed and real and amazing looking. Exactly the kind of dragon I love too, I was already in love from the pictures alone. Then I saw that it had a demo… and of course I instantly got that and threw it on.
Spent the next several hours messing with the different features the hud lets you experiment with… and wow. Egg laying, pooping, eating, treasure, attacks, magic… spine customization and ears. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t play with the colours but I could get a bit of a preview on the hud and I can say they definitely look like they’ll be just as great as the full version.
This avatar is MASSIVE, just as it warns. It’d be cool if it could come with a small version as well for every day sim use compared to gigantic, but otherwise I am definitely finding myself debating on if I want to spend all my Ls on it right now or not! 5000 may look like a huge amount of an avatar… but with what it comes with, it is so worth it if you can afford it.

Core Dragon Demo

i love this tyranosaurus!

this thing is awesome i was alittle iffy on buying the new one because i own the old one but when i did it. i was happy what i got. the look and sounds of this trex has gave me hours of fun stomping around as a dino.. it was worth the price for sure also if your own the old one you get it cheaper.

omen Darkwyr
Tyrannosaurus Rex Demo

Got the full version =D Love it <3

…Prolly easily one of my favorite avatars. The creator was very friendly and helpful. … Can’t wait to show it to all my buds =D and maybe chase them around wearing silly hats >w> hehehe. Thank you for the lovely Trexy, keep up the great avi making. =)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Demo


Moves so well, I can’t stop wearing it.

Brachiosaurus Demo

Dinosaur, awesome dinosaur

These demos are amazing. the actual product? Even more amazing. Be the dinosaur.

Mystical Edenflower

Really cool!

I was in love with this dinosaur and more by this creator when I got the opportunity to see some of them in action in world. I knew dino avis existed, but never so…real. And, in mesh? Wow…As a person who has never used a dinosaur avi, yet has been a long-time lover of dinosaurs, I was excited to try one for myself! And, it does not disappoint! It looks exactly like the vendor photo, not some heavily Photoshopped version that looks nothing like the actual product. I also love how it comes with everything you need, including AO, in the pack. And finally, as a person whom just loves being able to customize things, it comes with so many textures to choose from! It’s an awesome buy. <3

Inuoko Shikami


Holy crap, I’m a dinosaur! This is the best day of my second life!! Awesome quality avatar, tons of features, and running around as a velociraptor is a lot of fun.

Lava Ruby

Awesome creation and awesome builder

If you love dinosaurs and paleontology, you will love this avatar. It’s not just this avatar, its all of them. I currently own only this particular one, but it is wonderfully built. It’s movements and sounds are very life like. I plan to eventually have all of them.
The creator is really awesome and friendly as well. I had a problem and sent a Note Card. They contacted me almost immediately and helped me with the problem. If I could, I would give this store, not just the product, 30 stars


Prehistoric Amazeballs

If you haven’t tried these suckers out, DO IT. Plenty of demos available here on MP. They also have many more dinosaurs (engineered ones too) at the main store. I highly recommend them. I mean come on, they poop, yo!
Also if you haven’t tried the Primal Life Survival Game HUD. You need to. you get to run (or swim) around as an awesome dino, fight, kill, eat, drink, sleep and of course poop. One of the most fun things in SL. Your arguments are invalid.

Mystical Edenflower

The Best of Its Kind

This is single-handedly the best Tyrannosaurus avatar in sl. I hope to see more mesh avatars like this! Worth more than the lindens you will pay for it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex


As a huge dinosaur enthusiast, as soon as mesh became available of Second Life, I was hoping against hope that someone would produce accurate mesh dinosaurs. When I found out that Dawn Kingdoms was producing them, I flipped my lid in the best of ways! The HUD is really easy to use and very organized, the animations are lovely, and the anatomy of the mesh is very accurate to skeletal reconstructions! Easily one of my favorite avatars to stomp around in! <3

Ura Edenflower
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Awesome and accurate

This avatar is amazing. The sculpt and animations are very realistic, you will find no finer dinosaur avatar in Second Life. Do not hesitate, if you love dinosaurs, Dawn Kingdom’s mesh avatars are for you!

Drew Jaggernov
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Anybody hear that? It’s a, um… It’s an impact tremor, that’s what it is… I’m fairly alarmed here.

I love this avatar. Not only that it has all those very nice detailed textures on this gorgeous mesh body, no, it also has these gorgeous actions you can do, like roaring, fighting, sitting, even pooing and laying eggs. Also the extra props coming with it look really great and detailed! Very awesome job you did on this avi! The animations look natural also and I just love it. It was worthit every L$! You love dinosaurs and always wanted to be a T-Rex?! Then you have to buy this avatar!

Lupinos Lionheart
Tyrannosaurus Rex


This creator never ceases to amaze me! Love everything about this dino.

TilC Troncon
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Run…run fast!!

Thats what they’ll be saying when they see you coming! THE best prehistoric avatar T-Rex without exception!!! Would give this 6 stars if i could. The hud is a work of art and the skin/shape, etc you have to see to believe. Come see me in Cherry Town sometime if you want a demo of mine. I’m gettin Triceratops next!!

Blaze Mordly
Tyrannosaurus Rex


I had originally purchased this avatar when it first came out. Even then it was beautiful, stunning, and lifelike. I felt it was great and didn’t bother writing a review.. that is.. until today. I put the avatar on and noticed there was an update. OH MY InGen! The difference was like night and day! The avatar is so beautiful, clear, crisp! The textures on the mesh is extremely lifelike! The new colorings are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I rarely write reviews, but this avatar is amazing! That goes for the Trike and Parasaurolophus too! (purchased them as well). Just simply amazing! I had to stop waht i was doing and take 50 million screen shots!

Zylona Schreyer
Tyrannosaurus Rex


This is simply amazing. So well done. I LOVE it

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Immaculate work! I love it!

I just wished their were more colors on the color menu for the themes. I hope you make a ride-able version of this. Regardless– Well work the Lin and It makes me smile every time I use it.

Anya Mellison
Tyrannosaurus Rex



Tyrannosaurus Rex

i love it!!!!!

Fantastic,The types of skins, the colors I loved could only be a little bigger and wobble the tail there would be perfect more worth five stars the same way !!!!!

shenna Faith
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Absolutly Amazing!

It is so verry verry awesome! The Colors are beautiful and what this one all has like also a baby one. Thats cerious awesome. Im super happy to with the choise i made to buy this Dinosaur, i love it! I hope you will be even happy like i’m 😀 Sweet hugs and greetz, SnowEywa


Extremely Well-Done

The sounds are very realistic, as well as the animations. The textures available offer a wide variety of customization. I highly recommend this for those looking for a realistic and uncommon avatar!


Amazing work

Love this avatar. The HUD is easy to use the animations are realistic. One of the features i like is the skin change.


Simply Amazing!

I had around 7 of the scupted versions of this bad boys, and im so happy the creator toked the time to make something already amazing even more cool! Very pretty details, many options to create your own look, and freaking amazing sounds! If You have a soft spot for Dinosaurs this is a most have.


I recommend this item

The model, the skins, and the HUD. All perfect!

Ace10 Inaka
"Rexy" T-Rex (Genetic Edition)

Most Favorite Ever

Only been playing with this thing for 10 minutes and it’s already my most treasured item in my inventory ever. 10/10 A++ spinosauring.

Kalia Firelyte

Fantastic piece of work!

Honestly, all of Wanders’ avatars are fantastic. The movements are fluid, the mesh is amazing and the realism is fantastic. If you want to feel like a Pteranodon, this is the avatar for you. It’s extremely easy to use and creating customized skins for these avatars is very, very easy! Considering this is also coming with TWO different avatars for the price of 1k, I very much suggest buying this avatar and taking it for a spin, you won’t regret it!

Viper Panthar

Bloody freaking amazing

Perfect update to mesh from the old models, looks absolutely great, brilliant HUD controls, and a LOT easier than the old ones, easier to understand, and superfast color change of the skin…

X3mBozzy Lavarock


Animations and textures are great!!!



Brilliant, both the avatar itself and all the things it can do via the HUD

Miro Collas

Beautiful job!

I love this avatar! The attention to details are very spot on! Being a sailor, I am on the seas almost exclusively… I am sure I will be getting a lot of mileage out of this guy.

Lucerius Zeffirelli

Extremely Elegant Dinosaur

This is one of, if not the most, beautifully colored dinosaur avatar I have ever seen!


Great work!!!

Absolutely Perfekt! Awesome Textures, realistic Movement and Sounds. Love this Parasaurolophus <3



They did an amazing job with this! The animations are smooth, the movements are smooth, the customization is awesome! All around excellent work on this!!! I highly recommend these dinosaurs! I am now proud owner of this one and the Velociraptor avatar from Prehistorica! I definitely hope to get more in the future, next on my list is the Spinosaurus!! A+++++



Another gorgeous mesh dinosaur! <3 I love Giganotosaurus and theropods in general, and this avatar does not disappoint. Beautiful mesh sculpt, excellent skins, and smooth animations. Another favorite from Dawn Kingdoms!

Ura Edenflower

Utterly fantastic work

The hud is very clear, fast, and reactive. and the mesh model is brilliant. The Poo made me crack my pants. Thanks for the awesome dino!



Awesome avatar … its a really nice job, textures are awesome, sounds are awesome and I love the add-ons (like a huge killed dino) Well done! or raw done 🙂 … 5 stars! GREAT JOB!!!


amazing product with quick support and a friendly community

i bought a few avatars from this shop today so my family could try something new and it was worth it! if you are a collector of large, very well detailed avatars with lots of fun features then get an avatar from these guys 🙂 thanks so much for getting back to me so fast btw


Amazing work!!

I am very excited to get this and I am happy to find a very wonderful piece (*´ω`)

9on Moleno
Diplodocus - Bento

Excellent Avatar!

I have always wanted an accurate Dilophosaurus and this is as close as you can get. Smooth animations and awesome sounds make this a must have for anyone who enjoys dinosaurs!



Another great addition to the mesh dinosaur lineup! It feels good to be a big raptor!

Ura Edenflower

Your avatars are really fun to play around in

I must say I really enjoy these avatars and this raptor is fantastic. … I do plan to collect more of these dinosaurs when I have the chance. these avatars are very fun to play with I especially love playing with its animations lol … its very smooth and fluent. I like it.



A great avatar at a very reasonable price from a nice seller, I bought this one for Gor to be a young Thralarion


Great Help!

Fast response and helped me along with my avatar when things weren’t working correctly. Ended up missing the Alpha in my file and was kind enough to send me a fresh box. Will totally buy from again and recommend to anyone who loves dinos! May seem like a lot for an avi but it has to be my second fav avi next to my main one. The animations are smooth, the variation of color and designs are beautiful. Totally a high grade piece of work here. Honestly I would think this thing would be worth around 3,000$L so for all the detail and work, 1,000$L is very modest 🙂


I am GIANT now!!! 😀

Lol. Anyway, this thing is massive… It looks great, sounds great and the animations in the HUD are just as great as well! … WIll definitely buy another Dino with this high quality work!


Love it

Great to move on from the Demo version and have skin and colour options.
Sounds are nice and loud. I can stick my neck right over the fence and growl at those cutesy little lizard pets. Stomping around Second life, and dreaming of which one to buy next.



If you want to be the biggest creature, this is the perfect one <3 I love it! My mates love it!
Thank you, creator!
The creator is really nice! And he is doing an awesome job!
Super excited to see more..
Lifetime update!
This is the best!!



Adorable and playful animations, and it’s the first therapod to be the Bento avatar!
The HUD graphic design changes a lot as well, to fit the childish personality!
Feathers are rigged attachments, you can take it off or put it on!
Though some of the anims sliding a lot, but I appreciate the creator brought this to live!
Cheers Prehistorica and Wanders! :3

Baby Tyrannosaurus

Adorable and grabs the attention

A very well made bento AV. Has many features and it’s always fun running around with this little fella … Can’t wait for the big one’s bento update. Thank you!

Vichchu Hermit
Baby Tyrannosaurus

Great avatar

I LOVE my Baby Diplodocus, I wear him all the time and run around the land as the baby dino.

Mowgli Deed
Baby Diplodocus

Just adorable!

This dinosaur is so cute and so well animated with all-purpose hud! 🙂 I love it! All textures are a little dark to me, but it’s okay, it meant to be realistic. I’ll paint a cute bright skin for it, something bird-like. 🙂

MoonHowler Snowpaw

Excellent Avi

Very well done, with great animations



So many great features and customization options. Impress your friends! Devour your critics! If there’s any problem with this av, it’s sometimes hard to tell where you’re walking. It’s more of an SL limitation than anything else, and besides who cares where you’re walking when you’re a FREAKIN’ DINOSAUR. RAWR!

Didi Mendle


Really well made and the hud is awesome; lots of cool things on it. Customization is greatly diverse and the extras folder has well made, very fun things too! Now I just need to find a male allosaur ^^

Miko Mixemup


The Dilo is one of my favorite dinosaurs and I was so happy to think, “I hope they made this!” and you did thank you! The animations are wonderful and the colours you can choose from are fantastic! If you want to be a dinosaur, just buy all of these! they are great! Worth every dollar!TyrranaxH

"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (Genetic Edition)

Everything about this dinosaur is gorgeous!

Great work on the movement, texture, colors, sound…

"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (Genetic Edition)


I love raptors and this has so many features in it not to mention customization as well very realistic and very fun to use 10/10!

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

I loved this Dino!

This is an amazing Dinosaur! This creator is the best for making them! I don’t care who sass what! I own this Raptor, the Dilo, and the Indominus Rex! All of which are amazing avatars! The expression and animations are fantastic, there are small details down to the sound the dino makes when it is sleeping ( Snoring ) Everything is very natural and works amazing! I could write a novel on this product, but simply, BUY IT!

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

Now Bento!

Yay for the older dinos getting bento! This avatar is extremely well done and well worth the price. Realistic look and awesome sounds. Even has skins from the movies. I’m sure that now that this avatar is bento too, more people will be inspired to buy it for themselves! This is my absolute favorite next to the Genetic Rex, “Rexy”.

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)


Tried the demo and fell in love, i fell in love so much i was 2 days away from pay day i lived in my demo one for two days, this is so beautiful and the realism is out of this world, everyone needs one, amazing work i plan to buy even more of these wonderful beasts!!! Try Demo you will not regret!!

Ivanava Neox
Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

Love it

Nice Work!!! very great details and moves and more!!!

Indomitable Ripper

Beauty at its best!

…it is really so very beautiful! If you watched the movie, you may totally be fanboying/fangirling! It is really that good!! Absolutely fell in love with it! A really awesome version of one of the dinosaurs I find very attractive! Really excited for the lifetime updates and stuffs! Awesome HUD! This is absolutely lovely!!

Untameable King

5 stars! This company has some of the best avatars I have ever seen. If you ever wanted to have a great quality dragon or dinosaur avatar then this is the place to be….all of their animations are so fluid and realistic, the designs and meshes are amazing! I cannot wait for they’re next installment…

Scarlett Cobra Savage

Perfect avatar for movie fans, Dilophosaurus enthusiasts and Dino lovers alike!

“I was extremely pleased with my purchase of this avatar, you really get what you pay for, and more!
The animations are top-notch and lifelike, it’s such pleasure to see it in action, from the genuine fear factor when the frills deploy with jaws wide open to the fascinating, graceful and beautiful sniffing and searching animations among others.
Just watching the avatar walk, run, jump and just doing the most basic things has never looked so stunning…
As if that’s not good enough on its own, the modification potential of the textures and colors is extreme, but i’m tempted to add this is an avatar that has no real need for further modding; The preset options included are perfect for my own needs!
I’m tempted to say that if you feel unsure whether to invest into getting this avatar or not, think no more, get it! You will NOT be disappointed.
It’s so well done… I’m very impressed!

Athina Vieria
"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (GeneTek Edition)

Really cool!

I was in love with this dinosaur and more by this creator when I got the opportunity to see some of them in action in world. I knew dino avis existed, but never so…real. And, in mesh? Wow…As a person who has never used a dinosaur avi, yet has been a long-time lover of dinosaurs, I was excited to try one for myself! And, it does not disappoint! It looks exactly like the vendor photo, not some heavily Photoshopped version that looks nothing like the actual product. I also love how it comes with everything you need, including AO, in the pack. And finally, as a person whom just loves being able to customize things, it comes with so many textures to choose from! It’s an awesome buy. <3

Inuoko Shikami

Adorable and grabs the attention

A very well made bento AV. Has many features and it’s always fun running around with this little fella … Can’t wait for the big one’s bento update. Thank you!

Vichchu Hermit
Baby Tyrannosaurus


Thank you to this awesome designer!! I love everything about my Allosaurus, and the fact that you can change skin, eyes, teeth and claws expression by the HUD (witch in it self are pretty monster cool with sound effects), makes it so easy to give it your own personal look. The movements are smooth, and all those different commands are just fantastic. All-in-all an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING product.



I love this avatar already! … Overall very nice design, tons of custom skins and animations, you’re going to give other avatar creators a run for their money with this one!

Core Dragon

The DK fantasy line just got even better

Wow, I didn’t think Prehistorica could top the Dragon but they keep pushing the envelope. The wyvern has the same overall look and feel as the DK dragon, with the same skins and many of the same features, but they’ve polished and updated everything and there’s now better HUD control and even more animations. And there’s no worries about modding – there’s a full kit for download from their website and a bunch of tools included with the avatar. Even if you don’t mod, there’s a STAGGERING amount of customisability with this thing, I think I counted more than 40 skins inbuilt into the HUD and you can show and hide the horns, spikes, etc and then save your dragon’s look as a preset for later. And it has tons of breath weapons, spells, attacks and actions built in for RPers to go wild with.

The thing that blew my brain was that this one has FIVE size categories boxed in for the same price!! If you wanted one of these but thought it was too big (or wanted to go even bigger) you need worry no more. You can be anything from slightly smaller than a human to bigger than my house. I understand that the other dragon will be updated with these new features soon so if you prefer four legs to two, you’re still in luck. But if you want a Skyrim or GOT style dragon you really can’t go past this avatar.

Overall, beyond impressed, can’t overstate how fantastic I think these dragons are! Thank you Prehistorica!

Core Wyvern Avatar