What is "The Dawn KingDoms"?

The Dawn Kingdoms is a location and brand in the online platform and virtual world of Second Life.

If you don’t know what Second Life is, you can find out more here, and sign up here to join in the fun! It’s an unparalleled creative, social, and expressive platform, as you can see from the pictures on this site. Everything in them is user-created, whether by The Dawn Kingdoms or somebody else, bringing imagination to (virtual) life. You can be anything you want in your Second Life – anything.

Be yourself! Unless you can be a T-Rex. Then you should obviously be a T-Rex. (Oddly enough, The Dawn Kingdoms can help with that…)

Who's Behind It All?

The Dawn Kingdoms is the brainchild of SL user and creator Wanders Nowhere. You can generally find him on the Dawn Kingdoms SIM or on the Discord channel and, if not, you can always send him a notecard in-world.

Special thanks also goes to staff members Plesio Guardian and Cera Cyannis for helping keep the SIM peaceful and friendly; to Eric Wolfhunter for his amazing work on the Facebook page; to Arwydd Llenna for her work on the website and YouTube channel; and to Becky Nosferatu and her crew for hosting the launch events. Couldn’t do it without your support!

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