Mythic Avatars

Join the Lords of the Skies, with endless possibilities for expressing yourself as a dragon. From Juvenile to Ancient; finned oceanic titan to translucent crystal oracle; bestial belly-crawler to bipedal dragon mage… And that’s just in the box! MOD KITS are also available for both core avatars, so the only limit is your imagination.

The Dragon

The original Dawn Kingdoms fantasy avatar, the classic quadrupedal dragon! 

This avatar pioneered incredible features like the dynamic breath weapon (which detects when it hits surfaces), preset skins including translucent crystal wings or glowing tattoos, and much, much more!

Now with five sizes in the box, and many other updates, this fantastic avatar remains the ultimate way to quickly create any dragon character.

The Wyvern

Offering another classic draconic look, this wing-walking avatar lets Dawn Kingdoms fans create even more diverse mythic avatars for their personas, characters, and costumes.

All 40 command animations, 40 skins, included optional body parts, 10 breath weapon options, facial expressions and magic spells from the original Core Dragon are included, adapted to the Wyvern body – plus more new features!

There’s never been a better time to be a Wyvern on the grid.

Want Both? Pay Less!

If you already own one of these avatars, head to the in-world store before buying your second. There you can get a “Synergy Card” that gives you a L$2000 discount on the other Core Mythic avatar!

Want to Carry a Rider?

Find the Dragon Rider on our Other Products page! Carry up to 11 passengers, including in your mouth or claws. Optional saddle included! (A Wyvern Rider is in development, and will be out before long…)

Alternative Heads

You can now make your Core Dragon or Wyvern even more unique, beyond even the hundreds of possible combinations in the box! This range of “alt heads” lets you change the profile of your avatar’s face, altering the appearance where it matters most for expressing its nature.

These head packs work with every size of both the Dragon and the Wyvern, all included in the box, and are compatible with all the original avatar’s features, such as head attachment parts (like horns and fins), facial expressions, and skins. Simply detach the original head and attach the new one – it’s that simple!