The Next Dragon/Wyvern Head Drops

The Next Dragon/Wyvern Head Drops

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Of course, with another April weekend comes another alternative head for the Core Dragon & Wyvern…

This week’s head takes inspiration from our Prehistorica roots in making top-tier dinosaur avatars for all you wonderful people out there on the grid. (If you’re a dragon fan who hasn’t checked out our dinosaur ranges, make sure to take a look on the Avatars page! Who hasn’t wanted to be a dinosaur at some point in their life?)

But that’s not all. We’re also giving an Easter treat to everyone who buys an alternative head today or tomorrow – that’s Easter Sunday or Easter Monday SLT – which will make it easier than ever if you want to have a go at being a dinosaur. That’s right, it’s a 250L discount egg! Wanders Nowhere will personally send you one within 24 hours if you buy an alt head during our Easter window. You effectively get half the value of your purchase back to spend on an avatar, so what’s not to love?

That all being said, let’s take a closer look at the new head…

The Saurus

This head is inspired by the great Thunder Lizards of reality – the dinosaurs! With a distinctive snout and curved brow-bone, this head has many echoes of the proud species of prehistory.

A more naturalistic creature avatar look than the bold and striking Linnorm head, the Saurus head has a slimmer profile and smoother angles, based on real prehistoric animals.

This saurian look strikes the balance between herbivore and carnivore, suiting a range of personalities, from gentle and wise, to cold and predatory.

Check out the pictures below to see more:

Don’t forget that you need to be using the most recent update to the Core Dragon/Core Wyvern avatars for these heads to look their best. 

If you’re a modder and you haven’t already downloaded the updated mod kit from the beginning of April, you can do that on our Downloads page. Unless you’ve made close-fitting accessories for these avatars’ necks, you can rest assured that your existing mods are still compatible, but it pays to stay up to date!

The Line-Up So Far... (More Reveals to Come!)

Check in next weekend to see the next alternative head revealed! Until then, Happy Easter week!

UPDATE: All the heads have now been released!

Take your pick of all four alternative heads for the Core Dragon & Wyvern at the in-world store or on Marketplace. Click the buttons below to find out more about each head on the Marketplace listing!

Enjoy your even-more-personalised avatars!


Rather than more heads, I hope that we will see more magic in the style of Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea dragons. These are the ones that speak the language of The Making that all wizards devote their lives to learning a tiny fraction of. As they stand now, they are helpless against a magic attack and are only capable of a few affects that though nice to see, do little to allow either offense or defense. The ability to blend into the remains of a city are an example of a passive defense in LeGuin’s series.
Also, a simple way for others to ride or be carried by the dragons would be very welcome. The existing “saddle” set for 11 people is so awkward that after several hours we gave up on it.

Hi there,
More magic would certainly be an interesting add-on, though the magic effects bundled with the dragon are largely meant to be cosmetic and exist for roleplay purposes; we’re certainly not interested in trying to compete with magic/spell/security HUDs on the market, as a lot of those can be constituted as griefing and aren’t something we’d encourage use of! An ‘invisibility’ or camouflage option is intriguing, and definitely possible with a simple skin and alpha blending setup as seen in our Untameable King.
I’m looking into the feasibility of adding a simple saddle to all my avatars in the future. The Dragon Rider was a collaboration project, and I’ve yet to make my own vehicle scripts that I’d be happy enough with to put in a product, but it is something I am interested in pursuing. Stay tuned 🙂

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