Dragon Islands Appear High in the Sky

Dragon Islands Appear High in the Sky

We knew those cracks in the air meant something. It’s not just the Wyverns arriving into our world… The veil between the realms has worn thin, and part of the dragons’ world has come through onto our side. It’s suspended in the sky above the Dawn Kingdoms as we speak!

And with that, I would like to announce the arrival of Azhar Dracys (a.k.a. The Dragon Islands) at the Dawn Kingdoms SIM.

Dragons have needed a home at the official SIM since they first arrived, and here is the beginnings of one! This is a space for our mythic avatars (although of course any species of avatar is welcome!) and will be growing and improving as time goes on.

Don’t worry, dinosaur fans, the central landscape is going to remain devoted to the eons of prehistory. This doesn’t mark the beginning of a wholesale conversion into a fantasy SIM! But the story of the Dawn Kingdoms is evolving, and part of our aerial space is going to reflect that.

There’s a central social area (with landing platforms for flying dragons!), and everything is sized to accommodate the epic proportions of even our Ancient mythic avatars. No need to worry about clipping your wings through the walls! There are also several other islands which have emerged from the portal in the sky…

And who’s to say that will be the end of it? What about those closed doorways…?

You can visit the new Dragon Islands now! 

Use the teleporter in the Dawn Kingdoms Main Store Time Machine (see image right) to head up to the main platform:

Or check out the pictures below to get a sneak peek of what the islands look like… Although you’ll get a much better idea if you go fly around and explore!

These structures certainly are mysterious. And this begs the question… What else might come through the portals? Have we seen the last of these strange new developments?

You’ll just have to wait and see…

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