The Core Wyvern Has Landed!

The Core Wyvern Has Landed!

The long-awaited second core dragon avatar is finally here!

View the diorama in the in-world store, or read all about it on Marketplace to see all the details!

Multiple size options!

I’m incredibly excited to unveil the new, hotly demanded feature for these avatars, yours for the first time if you buy this Wyvern – multiple size options! Be a Juvenile, Sub-Adult, Adult, Elder (original size), or even an Ancient dragon! (And, of course, you can customize your proportions further using sliders.) Yes, this feature will be coming to the other Core Dragon – stay tuned!

Discount for Dragon owners

If you already own the Core Dragon avatar, then you’ll be able to grab this for only L$3000 using an in-world discounted voucher vendor. The Core Dragon is also available at this discount for new Core Wyvern customers. If you were waiting for the multiple size options for the original dragon, then grab it now, because I can confirm that those are coming!

And something else…

Here’s another thought… This might not be the only thing arriving at the SIM this week… I mean, what’s with all those glowing fractures in the air?? Something’s afoot…

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