Installations to Take You on a Magical Journey

Installations to Take You on a Magical Journey

It’s been a very busy season of events this quarter, and now it’s time for the capstone… Second Life Birthday! Head to the SLB display to see a breathtaking installation celebrating all the genres that have featured in recent years in Dawn Kingdoms projects. And that’s not all… There are hidden freebies throughout the display, so once you’ve picked up your jaw off the floor you can have fun hunting for those!

The SLB exhibit is called Wandering Dimensions and and invites you to travel far, far afield… Probably further than was imagined by the Vacations and Road Trips theme! As you follow the ethereal path, portals to other worlds reveal themselves, surrounded by displays-within-a-display as you travel through genres.

Be sure to explore the whole thing, not only to see all the creations, but to grab the freebies too! There’s one on each island, so look out for tiny hidden Dawn Kingdoms branded boxes. If you find one, click and Buy for L$0 to claim your prize.

Freebies are a mix of classics you may have missed at earlier events and some fun new add-ons for your home and avatar!

Get the SL-URL using the button below to go straight to the Dawn Kingdoms display! You’ve got until July 12th, so get hunting!

There’s a lot more to see at SLB, of course. When you’re done exploring our display, look out for one of the touring pods that come along the road at regular intervals, and take a seat to go on a relaxing tour of the other installations. It’s an incredible spectacle, and well worth your time.

There are also cool exhibits that the pod won’t take you through, such as the Tapestry of Time hall, where you can rediscover the history of Second Life (or find about about ye olden days that predate your account). It’s all come so far! So make sure you have a good look around SLB before calling it a day.

Check out the destination guide to discover what else you can see at SLB!

Of course, SLB isn’t the only recent event we’ve been involved in. In case you missed it or were too busy to take snapshots, here’s the rundown on our display at Relay Weekend. That one was a wild ride, too!

Inspired by this year’s theme Game On, Cancer!  the display invited you to step into the role of a hero, take up the fight. As a TRPG player character, that is!

Laid out like dungeon tiles for tabletop gaming miniatures, these paths let you feel what it would be like to be a character on that board. Are dragons really that big? Yikes!

There were several cameos from creatures that TRPG gamers will recognise, plus some Dawn Kingdoms originals that you may have battled before at the SIM. See if you can spot and name every monster!

Meanwhile, the floating gaming dice keep things whimsical. This is a game, after all. That gelatinous cube can’t really dissolve you… right?!

Very proud to have created the display that won 2nd place out of the 40+ racetrack displays! Thanks to the Relay organizers and everyone who put in a good word.

That’s only the icing on the cake, though. We can all enjoy creating or experiencing something fun in service of a good cause.

Relay Weekend might be over, but you can still join the fight by donating to Relay for Life here. Every contribution helps us get closer to beating cancer for good.

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these fun installations. And don’t worry, it’s back on the new releases train soon… Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new announcements!

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