Happy Holidays from the Dawn Kingdoms

Happy Holidays from the Dawn Kingdoms

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year! We hope you’re getting into the spirit of things out there on Second Life, and we’ve got a little treat for you to help with that…

Hop over to Azhar Dracys from now until the new year, and you’ll be able to find our seasonal presents island! It’s a cute spot to hang out, and if you click on the present pile in the centre you’ll receive our gift to you – a Santa hat for the Core Dragon and Core Wyvern!

It fits all sizes of these mythic avatars, and is rigged for perfect with-avatar movement! (Unfortunately, this means it isn’t re-position-able for our dinosaur avatars, but if there’s enough demand for a particular species I’m sure we could throw something together.)

I hope everyone enjoys their freebie, and has a great end to the year!

Best wishes from The Dawn Kingdoms

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