Spooktacular New Enemies at Azhar Dracys

Spooktacular New Enemies at Azhar Dracys

The eerie miasma hanging over Second Life right now must have infected Azhar Dracys, too. Everything’s gone dark and foreboding over on one area of the islands… And are those… pumpkin spiders?! Heeeelp!

There are thorny vines writhing up out of the ground, laughing jack-o-lanterns glowing with unearthly life, and all manner of terrifying creatures running around up here… And are those gravestones? We never buried anyone up here, so where did those come from? They must have come the portals with this chilling new scourge!

If you’re feeling brave enough, we could really use a hand up here! Come as a dragon or dinosaur and let your natural ferocity shine, or come as a humanoid and we’ll lend you a scythe to carve through all these grasping vines. (Kill enough monsters, and you could earn a version to keep!) 

It might also be possible to capture some of these fell creatures, or at least part of their essence. See if you can snag a tame (well, sort of tame) tiny Necroraptor, or gain the magical power needed to transform into one of these monstrosities yourself! The window is only open while this ghostly miasma is affecting the SIM, so don’t wait!

Are you up for the challenge? Then grab your grisliest weaponry to come duke it out with these creepy Halloween foes. Hop into the Time Machine to go straight to Azhar Dracys and get hacking and slashing!

UPDATE: Smashing Pumpkins!

It’s still scary up there, but these new enemies are being given a serious thrashing! Thanks to everyone who has taken up arms against this new scourge, we’re making progress!

Check out some of my pictures from afflicted islands:

There’s still time to give these evil creatures a (pumpkin)head-ache! Head over to the SIM while the Halloween aura lasts and help us hold these spooktacular foes at bay!

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