Timeline Warriors Needed to Save T-Rex DNA

Timeline Warriors Needed to Save T-Rex DNA

GeneTek just can’t stop meddling. And, to be fair to them, they have created some pretty impressive creatures! Sometimes we let their unscrupulous activities slide. But this time is different…

Disturbing the prehistoric nature of the Dawn Kingdoms SIM are glowing cyberdrones carrying out a terrible mission. They’re interfering with the T-Rex mating season, attempting to capture all future genetic potential for themselves! 

Dr Dominguez did explain how that was supposed to work, and to be quite honest the science of it is a little over our heads, but the gist is this: If GeneTek get their way this time, there will be no more natural T-Rexes. Ever! The timeline irrevocably altered, original species erased from existence!

And that, my friends, we absolutely cannot stand for. 

The good news is, we know how to stop them! Their force shields might be impervious to modern firearms, but they have made a fatal miscalculation… Which means that we can use GeneTek’s own timing against them. How? Listen closely… 

It’s T-Rex mating season, right? The SIM is crawling with bull T-Rexes raring to show off their martial prowess, and all very easily aggravated… 

So here’s what we do. We grab some flares from the crates provided. We use them to provoke an angry bull T-Rex. And we get him to destroy some drones! With enough of us on board, it won’t matter how many gadgets GeneTek send… We can stop them all!

Are you ready to take up the fight? Then port over to the SIM and get involved! There are rewards and prizes for those brave enough to help us… and who knows, if we push hard enough, what we could achieve!

Update: We won! Find out what happened in our next blog post here.

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