Holy sh*t this avatar is fantastic! It is gigantic, like it says on the tin, but how else is it going to really threaten an RP town?? The movements are beautiful, it honestly looks like mocap, which is impossible lol because it’s a dragon. So… mad kudos there. And the customization options feel endless… I literally can’t think of an RP situation with a Western-style dragon in which this avatar couldn’t play the part. It has THAT many options, all included in the base price. If you like to mod, sure, go wild, but there is so much here already. On top of that, the breath weapons use projectile tech (?) to actually stop at and set fire to/freeze/etc the first objects they ‘hit’, which just looks so cinematic compared to any other dragon on SL. I’m beyond impressed!! Thank you for this amazing piece of work, 10/5