Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms

Ah, the good old days when triceratops roamed, plesiosaurus prowled the seas and pteranodons glided through the skies. If you have a hankering for those Cretaceous or Jurassic Period giants, head over to Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdom, where you can live out your days as if it were tens of millions of years ago.

You’re also welcome to visit as a human, but be careful that you’re not devoured by a tyrannosaurus … And to start your journey you do, of course, have to travel backwards in time, swirling through a time vortex of some sort, and it’s a delight (next image) — I repeated by trip several times just for fun.

… Don’t have a dinosaur avatar? You’re in luck, because plenty are available for sale right there, including a free sample. The mesh animals are remarkably detailed, are gigantic, move quite naturally and include easy-to-use HUDs for roaring, eating and so on.