Perfect avatar for movie fans, Dilophosaurus enthusiasts and Dino lovers alike!

“I was extremely pleased with my purchase of this avatar, you really get what you pay for, and more!
The animations are top-notch and lifelike, it’s such pleasure to see it in action, from the genuine fear factor when the frills deploy with jaws wide open to the fascinating, graceful and beautiful sniffing and searching animations among others.
Just watching the avatar walk, run, jump and just doing the most basic things has never looked so stunning…
As if that’s not good enough on its own, the modification potential of the textures and colors is extreme, but i’m tempted to add this is an avatar that has no real need for further modding; The preset options included are perfect for my own needs!
I’m tempted to say that if you feel unsure whether to invest into getting this avatar or not, think no more, get it! You will NOT be disappointed.
It’s so well done… I’m very impressed!