Well worth every penny

What do you get when you combine the realism of the Dreamcrawler mesh Feral Dragon with the customization of Seawolf and the dynamic movement of Bento? This avatar. I’ve been waiting for a good Bento dragon avatar for awhile and I finally found it here. I love my Dreamcrawler feral dragon but it just has limits on how much customization you can do with it, which is what I loved about my Seawolf dragon. This dragon is highly realistic looking and there are a wide range of custom colors, body parts, and other things you can do with this dragon. The sounds are great, the motions are fluid. … I bought this avatar just today and already am in love with it. If you roleplay as a dragon or are just a dragon lover this avatar is highly recommended. I can’t wait to see what third party options will come out for this one!