The DK fantasy line just got even better

Wow, I didn’t think Prehistorica could top the Dragon but they keep pushing the envelope. The wyvern has the same overall look and feel as the DK dragon, with the same skins and many of the same features, but they’ve polished and updated everything and there’s now better HUD control and even more animations. And there’s no worries about modding – there’s a full kit for download from their website and a bunch of tools included with the avatar. Even if you don’t mod, there’s a STAGGERING amount of customisability with this thing, I think I counted more than 40 skins inbuilt into the HUD and you can show and hide the horns, spikes, etc and then save your dragon’s look as a preset for later. And it has tons of breath weapons, spells, attacks and actions built in for RPers to go wild with.

The thing that blew my brain was that this one has FIVE size categories boxed in for the same price!! If you wanted one of these but thought it was too big (or wanted to go even bigger) you need worry no more. You can be anything from slightly smaller than a human to bigger than my house. I understand that the other dragon will be updated with these new features soon so if you prefer four legs to two, you’re still in luck. But if you want a Skyrim or GOT style dragon you really can’t go past this avatar.

Overall, beyond impressed, can’t overstate how fantastic I think these dragons are! Thank you Prehistorica!