Best Dragon Avatar on Secondlife (reloaded)

If you have seen my reviews I rip things apart on so many things and basis and this is the easiest 5 star I have been lucky to give. This is a true successor to the successful Sea wolf line and extends the best things that did with a few more tricks. … Yes, it is expensive in that it is 5,000 but considering many mesh dragons give you only one color and not as much mod-ability. Here you get most of the common dragon ideals are here Chromatic, elemental, Metallic, Celestial classes (that is multiple dragons) all represented – And you can modify easily on the hud. … the animations you get do NOT disappoint and work well in even moderate lag areas. Dragon on Dragon dust-ups are fun even in non-combat areas. You get Magic, multiple breath weapons (both types and styles), good flight and better landing. Easy controls. Lots of good thought behind what you can do. Most things clean themselves up and so it helps you like that. You can live in this. … Includes multiple working AO settings and preloads. (Just check your load and you should be fine.) I HIGHLY recommend this and it gets my Seal of approval.