Step Back In Time

The Dawn Kingdoms invites you on a journey into prehistory! Step into the Time Machine located in our Main Store, and travel through the Time Vortex to visit different parts of our expansive SIM.

Ancient Landscapes Brought to Life

Visit a world untouched by the passage of time, where prehistoric creatures roam and only ancient ferns and trees cover the land.

Explore the dense jungles. Traverse the open plains to find herds of dinosaurs gathered at the watering hole. Dodge carnivores in the dramatic and desolate canyons. Brave the dark cave networks… And don’t get caught out by the erupting volcano!

And that’s just above the waterline.

Dive beneath the waves to discover the oceans of prehistory, with underwater caverns, authentic corals and shoals of prey animals… prey for what, you ask? Watch out for the gigantic marine reptiles!

There is so much to see and explore in the Dawn Kingdoms, almost no one has discovered it all!


You don’t need to rely on your imagination to role-play as a dinosaur roaming these ancient lands.

Grab the Primal Life HUD along with your dinosaur avatar and play the survival game custom-built for the Dawn Kingdoms!

Hunt or browse, fight or mate, sleep when you’re tired and drink when you’re thirsty (but beware of dirty water!) and raise the next generation of dinosaurs… if you don’t keel over first!

Playing Primal Life is a great way to explore the SIM and enjoy your Dawn Kingdoms avatar!

Time Travel Experience

Don’t want to be a dinosaur? You can still put on your best hiking boots and set out on an adventure!

Pick up your free Time Traveller’s outfit in the shop for the safest experience, and step into the Time Machine. You’ll be transported back hundreds of millions of years – it’s quite the ride!

Speaking of riding, some of the friendliest dinosaurs on the SIM will let you hitch a lift. Look out for the Gallimimus, Pteranodons, or Plesiosaurs, and ride, fly, or swim with them through the landscape.

Have fun observing dinosaur behaviour in the wild, exploring the locations, and avoiding being eaten! Oh, and don’t forget to check for any current events or mini-games to get your teeth into. Humans can play, too!

Otherwordly Adventures

Our historic landscape isn’t the only part of the SIM! 

After all, where have all these dragons been arriving from? A strange conjunction of worlds has occurred in the skies above the Dawn Kingdoms… Fly up, or use the portal in the main store to visit Azhar Dracys, the dragon isles.

Suspended by some otherworldly force, these islands have shifted through from the dragons’ home plane. The platforms provide a place for dragons to meet, with landing platforms sized for even the oldest among them, and distance from the foreign world far below.

Explore this magical area, and uncover the mysteries of this strange calamity.

But the islands themselves aren’t all that has broken through. Ever since the arrival of the wyverns, evil elementals have been popping up near the site of the conjunction, hounding our mythic creatures even in their new home.

So we welcome all who are brave enough to come and do battle to repel the invaders! Dragons, humanoids, dinosaurs, or anyone who calls themselves friend to the Dawn Kingdoms… Stand guard at the portal, ready to battle what comes your way!

Receive temporary weapons, earn legendary weapons that are yours to keep, and see what else you can capture from the invaders as you defend our realm!

Museum-Style Store

The shop itself is also a great educational and family destination, without the stresses of wilderness exploring! Use the holovendors to flip through museum-style dioramas of all manner of species, with the vast majority of the store given over to scientifically accurate specimens from prehistory.

This is also a great hang-out space for trying out new avatars, discussing upcoming launches, or meeting up before journeying out onto the wider SIM.

When you’re ready to move on, use the Time Machine at the end of the store, or hop into the portal to Azhar Dracys, and you’ll be on your way to adventure!

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SIM Reviews

Underwater Realms

Explore the three underwater areas, and experience what the oceans were like when gigantic marine reptiles still patrolled their waters.

This is the perfect area to play the Primal Life Survival Simulator as a Plesiosaur, Tylosaur, or Mosasaur – so, human visitors, watch out! (There are a few friendly Plesiosaurs around too, however. If you ask nicely, they’ll give you a ride!)

Not everyone who visits the SIM learns the full extent of what lies beneath the waves, so make sure not to miss out.

High in the Sky

Far above the lush jungles, desolate canyons, dusty plains, and mysterious waters of the prehistoric lands, strange shapes are sometimes visible in the sky. Could it be… there’s something up there?

The floating islands of Azhar Dracys hang above the Dawn Kingdoms, suspended by some unknown magic or force, caught where the world of fantasy has collided with the prehistoric past.

Here, uncanny lights move in the skies, giant boulders drift like snowflakes, and great portals to the realms beyond appear and disappear.

Spend time with other dragons, fight and repel invaders from the magical lands beyond, and uncover the mysteries of this strange conjunction of worlds…