Cave-side delivery at your service, Mister Triceratops!

I’ve been wanting to go way back in time once again to visit this extremely well built, well envisioned sim and store called “Prehistoria” for some time now … These prehistoric creatures are the best I’ve ever seen, and all are created by Wanders Nowhere… and the build here is well worth a visit just for itself with amazing dinosaur bots placed strategically all over the different geographical regions of the sim! I myself own a “Parasaurolophus” which is a large, plant-eating dinosaur … They all have HUDS with very generous, beautiful textures and are all extremely realistic, very well made having totally believable animations and sounds.

Do yourself a favor and visit the Prehistorica store and sim for an exciting adventure – and you’ll find so many opportunities for fun photo ops, too!! (don’t worry, they won’t eat you!) They even have a gift velociraptor avi and both male & female time traveler avatars for you to take home with you, and some to ride for free within the different sims… You won’t be disappointed when you see the huge selection of available dinosaur avis and even a ferocious-looking new dragon avi now as well. Come experience Second Life’s very own Jurrassic Park adventure!