Absolutely Perfectly Amazing

I’ve always loved the avatars of this maker, seeing them in Sim and the realism to them. To discover today they had a dragon… and OMG how detailed and real and amazing looking. Exactly the kind of dragon I love too, I was already in love from the pictures alone. Then I saw that it had a demo… and of course I instantly got that and threw it on.
Spent the next several hours messing with the different features the hud lets you experiment with… and wow. Egg laying, pooping, eating, treasure, attacks, magic… spine customization and ears. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t play with the colours but I could get a bit of a preview on the hud and I can say they definitely look like they’ll be just as great as the full version.
This avatar is MASSIVE, just as it warns. It’d be cool if it could come with a small version as well for every day sim use compared to gigantic, but otherwise I am definitely finding myself debating on if I want to spend all my Ls on it right now or not! 5000 may look like a huge amount of an avatar… but with what it comes with, it is so worth it if you can afford it.