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majestic and terrifying, exactly what i’d want out of a pterosaur avatar! hud is compact and easy to navigate, and the sounds and movements are immersive and fluid. all this needs now is a saddle system to go with it, so i can carry my friends around! all around great…

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this thing is awesome i was alittle iffy on buying the new one because i own the old one but when i did it. i was happy what i got. the look and sounds of this trex has gave me hours of fun stomping around as a dino.. it was…

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…Prolly easily one of my favorite avatars. The creator was very friendly and helpful. … Can’t wait to show it to all my buds =D and maybe chase them around wearing silly hats >w> hehehe. Thank you for the lovely Trexy, keep up the great avi making. =)

Moves so well, I can’t stop wearing it.

These demos are amazing. the actual product? Even more amazing. Be the dinosaur.

I was in love with this dinosaur and more by this creator when I got the opportunity to see some of them in action in world. I knew dino avis existed, but never so…real. And, in mesh? Wow…As a person who has never used a dinosaur avi, yet has been…

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Holy crap, I’m a dinosaur! This is the best day of my second life!! Awesome quality avatar, tons of features, and running around as a velociraptor is a lot of fun.

If you love dinosaurs and paleontology, you will love this avatar. It’s not just this avatar, its all of them. I currently own only this particular one, but it is wonderfully built. It’s movements and sounds are very life like. I plan to eventually have all of them. The creator…

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If you haven’t tried these suckers out, DO IT. Plenty of demos available here on MP. They also have many more dinosaurs (engineered ones too) at the main store. I highly recommend them. I mean come on, they poop, yo! Also if you haven’t tried the Primal Life Survival Game…

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This is single-handedly the best Tyrannosaurus avatar in sl. I hope to see more mesh avatars like this! Worth more than the lindens you will pay for it.

As a huge dinosaur enthusiast, as soon as mesh became available of Second Life, I was hoping against hope that someone would produce accurate mesh dinosaurs. When I found out that Dawn Kingdoms was producing them, I flipped my lid in the best of ways! The HUD is really easy…

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This avatar is amazing. The sculpt and animations are very realistic, you will find no finer dinosaur avatar in Second Life. Do not hesitate, if you love dinosaurs, Dawn Kingdom’s mesh avatars are for you!