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love it and the creator will do free update for it

TON of options to customize your look through the HUD The magic abilities are really nice and the breath options are great Low complexity for an avatar of this size and script usage is very efficient I am very satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to other content…

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This dragon avatar is everything I have ever wanted in an avatar. It is perfect in every way.

Comes with all the sizes to test out, was able to fly the demo versions around and get a good feel for it before buying the full version. If you are on the fence give this a try!

I Got it as birthday Gift from a friend and it is amazing. Wonderful Details and effects. Only ohne Word….WOW

It’s been a solid year since I’ve been on SL, and oh boy was I excited to go check up on some of my favorite creators! AND YAY! Not disappointed here with this new wyvern! I love being the Juvi size, i’m so cute! Just as awesome and the Dragon…

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HOLY COW …..I’m at a lost for words at how awesome this is!!! Seriously I was thinking at first glance it looks kind of impressive but when I tried the demo, no sooner than 2 minutes I immediately bought this. The demo was great in itself but nothing could prepare…

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How can I say? This avatar is simply fantastic! The skins are very detailed and very beautiful, the animations are very realistic, the way I can customize this avatar is just fantastic! It took me a while to buy this avatar, I saved money to buy and there were still…

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Want to be an air taxi for a large sim? Make sure you are the dragon and the driver is set to dragon. Enable fly. It will be the most fun you ever had. Dragon taxi service.

Love it

this is excellent. Always need more undead avs!

This avatar is highly customizeable, has plenty of skins and presets, a great magic hud, a wide range of emotes and facerigging, and best of all, the animations, It’s safe to say it may just be the best dragon avatar, and is only going to get better.