GeneTek Avatars

There’s a natural order to things… and someone’s been screwing with it. What are all of these creatures? They seem familiar. They’re clearly kin to our scientific species. And yet, and yet…

Who’s been playing God (or Frankenstein…) in the prehistoric realms?

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Yo I love this??

Idle AO is smooth and fun to watch, and the demo comes with a HUD that lets you growl, roar, bite, swipe with claws, lay down and sleep, etc. The HUD itself is very user friendly and the design is nice and appropriately themed! I was already excited to try this out and I was pleasantly surprised, and now I’m wondering if I should make a new account/character just to play as dinosaurs LOL
If you’re interested in checking these avatars out, or just wanna see it for laughs, I definitely recommend picking up a demo!

Indomitable Ripper Demo


The Dilo is one of my favorite dinosaurs and I was so happy to think, “I hope they made this!” and you did thank you! The animations are wonderful and the colours you can choose from are fantastic! If you want to be a dinosaur, just buy all of these! they are great! Worth every dollar!TyrranaxH

"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (Genetic Edition)

Everything about this dinosaur is gorgeous!

Great work on the movement, texture, colors, sound…

"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (Genetic Edition)


I love raptors and this has so many features in it not to mention customization as well very realistic and very fun to use 10/10!

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

I loved this Dino!

This is an amazing Dinosaur! This creator is the best for making them! I don’t care who sass what! I own this Raptor, the Dilo, and the Indominus Rex! All of which are amazing avatars! The expression and animations are fantastic, there are small details down to the sound the dino makes when it is sleeping ( Snoring ) Everything is very natural and works amazing! I could write a novel on this product, but simply, BUY IT!

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

Now Bento!

Yay for the older dinos getting bento! This avatar is extremely well done and well worth the price. Realistic look and awesome sounds. Even has skins from the movies. I’m sure that now that this avatar is bento too, more people will be inspired to buy it for themselves! This is my absolute favorite next to the Genetic Rex, “Rexy”.

Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)


Tried the demo and fell in love, i fell in love so much i was 2 days away from pay day i lived in my demo one for two days, this is so beautiful and the realism is out of this world, everyone needs one, amazing work i plan to buy even more of these wonderful beasts!!! Try Demo you will not regret!!

Ivanava Neox
Velociraptor (Genetic Edition)

Love it

Nice Work!!! very great details and moves and more!!!

Indomitable Ripper

Beauty at its best!

…it is really so very beautiful! If you watched the movie, you may totally be fanboying/fangirling! It is really that good!! Absolutely fell in love with it! A really awesome version of one of the dinosaurs I find very attractive! Really excited for the lifetime updates and stuffs! Awesome HUD! This is absolutely lovely!!

Untameable King

5 stars! This company has some of the best avatars I have ever seen. If you ever wanted to have a great quality dragon or dinosaur avatar then this is the place to be….all of their animations are so fluid and realistic, the designs and meshes are amazing! I cannot wait for they’re next installment…

Scarlett Cobra Savage

Perfect avatar for movie fans, Dilophosaurus enthusiasts and Dino lovers alike!

“I was extremely pleased with my purchase of this avatar, you really get what you pay for, and more!
The animations are top-notch and lifelike, it’s such pleasure to see it in action, from the genuine fear factor when the frills deploy with jaws wide open to the fascinating, graceful and beautiful sniffing and searching animations among others.
Just watching the avatar walk, run, jump and just doing the most basic things has never looked so stunning…
As if that’s not good enough on its own, the modification potential of the textures and colors is extreme, but i’m tempted to add this is an avatar that has no real need for further modding; The preset options included are perfect for my own needs!
I’m tempted to say that if you feel unsure whether to invest into getting this avatar or not, think no more, get it! You will NOT be disappointed.
It’s so well done… I’m very impressed!

Athina Vieria
"Spitter" Dilophosaurus (GeneTek Edition)