April Add-On Bonanza: Alt Dragon Heads!

April Add-On Bonanza: Alt Dragon Heads!

The tales are true. Alternative heads for the Core Dragon and Core Wyvern are on the way… in fact, we’re dropping four models, all this month! 

Every weekend throughout April there will be a new alt head released, so if you own a Core Dragon or Core Wyvern, check back every weekend to see the new head!

These heads will allow you to customize the look of your Dragon or Wyvern even further, giving it a more distinctive personality right down to its facial features. Choose a head with a jaw, snout, mouth shape, and brow bone that suit the overall look of your dragon, from bold and brutish to smooth and serpentine.

All heads will be fully compatible with the original avatar’s capabilities, including skins, horns, spikes, fins, eyes, and animations. Yes, facial expressions too! The heads also align seamlessly with the original avatar body, so they look just as natural on your avatar as the original head.

The box will include heads for both the Core Dragon and the Core Wyvern, so if you own both avatars you only need to buy one product, and you can use your favourite head on both avatars as you please. It also includes a head for every size variant, so no matter whether you want to use your new head as a Juvenile Wyvern or an Ancient Dragon, everything you need comes in one simple package.

Meet The Heads... (More Reveals to Come!)

How do you use the new heads? It’s easy. Just detach the original head and attach the new one! Yep, it’s that simple. So long as you have the most recent update to your avatar, you shouldn’t have any dramas. Speaking of which…

There will be a concurrent update to the Core Dragon and Core Wyvern avatars to ensure compatibility with the new alt heads, so make sure you have that update before trying on your new head.

This update will also include a modifiable HUD for Wyvern owners (catching up to the Dragon) including the ability to drop in replacement sounds. There will also be an update to the mod kits shortly after the first launch, so if you’re making accessories for the necks of these avatars, make sure you grab the new mod kit to ensure your work lines up perfectly.

So let’s take a look at the first new head, landing tomorrow: The Linnorm Head!

The Linnorm

Inspired by the savage dragons of Norse myth like Fafnir and Nidhogg, this brutal-looking beast has a tapered snout and a heavy lower jaw.

Its imposing silhouette will suit intimidating, powerful dragons, such as Blue or Red Dragons in the popular RPG styles, or perhaps a heavyset Earth dragon.

Choose this head for rugged and mighty dragons that don’t mess around. What hero dares stand against a jawline like this?

Check out some images of this boss new head in action!

I’m very excited to be sharing this new alt head with you (not to mention the others coming this month).

 See you at the launch!

UPDATE: All the heads have now been released!

Take your pick of all four alternative heads for the Core Dragon & Wyvern at the in-world store or on Marketplace. Click the buttons below to find out more about each head on the Marketplace listing!

Enjoy your even-more-personalised avatars!

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