New in 2020: Bakes-on-Mesh for Avatars

New in 2020: Bakes-on-Mesh for Avatars

Bakes-on-mesh has been causing a lot of excitement over the past few months, and I’m happy to announce that it is now coming to The Dawn Kingdoms!

It’s always been a point of pride how many customization options come in the box with a Dawn Kingdoms avatar. After all, no one has a clue what colour or pattern most dinosaurs were, so you should be able to choose a look that feels right to you for your avatar. It’s just as valid as anyone else’s preferred skin! This is even more true for our mythic range of avatars. The more options, the better!

So, why haven’t we had tattoo layers before? Traditionally, adding these to complex mesh avatars like ours was a bit of a drain on Second Life resources. You’re essentially wearing several copies of the mesh on top of each other in an ‘onion effect’, multiplying the Rendering Cost for yourself and everyone around you accordingly. But now there’s a better way!

You will be able to get more options for your DK avatar than ever with bakes-on-mesh. Customizable patterns and tattoos are coming – it’s time!

Not sure why you should be excited about tattoos or bakes-on-mesh? Rather than just selecting between and tinting the various skins in the box – or having to create an entire custom skin! – bakes-on-mesh lets you pick and choose the combinations and tints of individual patterns you can apply to your avatar. This lets you fine-tune your look, and makes it easier than ever to have something unique!

So I’m pleased to announce that bakes-on-mesh is coming for Dawn Kingdoms avatars – starting with the next one! The next DK avatar will also have a bakes-on-mesh add-on pack out on the release day.

Well, which is the lucky avatar?


Or rather, “hello again,” because this dinosaur is surely one that everyone has encountered before. It just might not have looked quite like this… Iguanodon was discovered during the first wave of dinosaur identification in the mid 1800s, and there have been about as many theories on how it might have looked as there have been decades between then and now! But more on that later.

Bakes-on-Mesh Add-On Pack for IGUANODON

The new add-on pack will include a “plain” skin that serves as your canvas for all your bakes-on-mesh additions. You can tint that canvas to any colour you like, then add tintable layers of stripes, spots, scutes, patches, streaks, and more and customise to your heart’s content. The pack will even include scars and wounds to give your dinosaur a battle-hardened look – perfect for role play and Primal Life!

Have a sneak peek at what’s in store in the images below!

I threw together some example combinations on the the work-in-progress, using dramatic colours, to snap some pictures. Each of these looks took less than a minute to create. Imagine what you could do with a little more patience (and perhaps subtlety)!

And this is just the beginning… Iguanodon certainly won’t be the last avatar to get bakes-on-mesh options! 

Stay tuned for updates about more add-on packs for all the Dawn Kingdoms avatars by following the blog, joining the in-world group or the Discord channel, or liking us on Facebook

Looking forward to sharing more bakes-on-mesh announcements with you all at some point in the future!

UPDATE: Bakes-On-Mesh Add-On Pack for Iguanodon is now live!

Get the new avatar and the first Dawn Kingdoms bakes-on-mesh pack at the in-world store or on Marketplace:

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