Invaders Threaten The Dawn Kingdoms!

Invaders Threaten The Dawn Kingdoms!

We’re under attack!

As the Wyverns arrived at The Dawn Kindgoms, the veil between the realms must have thinned… That’s how those floating islands got through, right? Well, hot on the tail of our welcome new visitors are some not-so-welcome ones, and they’re going to wreak havoc if we don’t stop them!

The invaders appear to be Earth Elementals, chasing the Wyverns from their old homeland. They’re popping out of nowhere up on Azhar Dracys… They must have access to portals? If we don’t do something, we’ll be overrun! As if that’s not enough, they’re threatening the new Wyvern nests up on the floating islands… They’re trying to steal the eggs!

That’s why we need brave warriors of all species to rise up and rally to defeat this scourge. Protect the nests! Save The Dawn Kingdoms!

We can promise rewards for our champions. Not only do the elementals sometimes drop items they were carrying (or have stolen!), we will recognise the bravery of those who come to our aid. There will be prizes! Earn amulets and weapons to increase your prowess in combat, whatever your species! You might even be able to capture a wisp of elemental magic, giving you the ability to transform into one of these dastardly creatures!

So, will you answer the call? Head up to Azhar Dracys now through the Dawn Kingdoms Time Machine, grab the combat HUD, and join the fight!

UPDATE: Thanks to all your hard work, we’re turning the tide!

Thank you to everyone who has come to do battle at Azhar Dracys. I think we might be winning! The threat isn’t over yet, but we have achieved some great victories – and had a (literal!) blast while doing it.

Check out some of my pictures from the front lines:

It’s not too late to join in. Head over to the SIM now to sharpen your claws on some rotten-no-good-egg-stealing invaders, and join the ranks of heroes!

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