Welcome to the New Website!

Welcome to the New Website!

From stillness, movement.

In the shadows, something as yet unseen stirs. Shifting, taking form, it draws towards the light. The outline of a creature emerges, slowly becoming clearer as it approaches…

And that’s just me trying to get myself to my keyboard in the morning.

It’s taken a while to get a decent website off the ground, but here we are! Dawn Kingdoms has a presence on the wider web! 

I hope you all find it useful. It’s primarily a place for hosting and downloading the external mod kits for avatars, which need files not distributable within Second Life to help create great mods. 

But this site should also serve a community purpose, since blog posts will let me make announcements that won’t age out of the group! So all the crucial information will be available here whenever, for anyone.

Check out the footer, too, for more community links. If you haven’t perused the Flickr stream or joined the Discord chat yet, the links are down below.

Happy SL-ing, folks

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