Welcome to a world where primeval creatures roam free...

A tyrannosaurus rex thunders forth from the treeline, its incredible jaws roaring open to capture its prey. 

A shimmering crystal dragon takes flight from an island floating high in the clouds, soaring over the mortals far below.

A feathered velociraptor ducks and weaves through the jungle undergrowth, nimbly avoiding being seen by the mother whose nest it hopes to raid. 

And at the helm… you!

Dawn Kingdoms avatars give you the power of the beast

Transform into any one of our 30+ dinosaur species or mythic creatures in moments, and let the ground quake beneath your feet (with visible dust particles for heavy landings!) as you stride across Second Life.

Customise your appearance with 16+ unique skins included with every avatar (up to 40 per avatar!) and other body-mod options (depending on species) including feathers, claws, horns, stances, and more, all available at the click of a button.

Act the part with fluid movement animations (including Bento rigging for all new and recently updated avatars) and up to 46 action buttons (depending on species), so you can roar, fight, eat, sleep, socialise, lay eggs, and even breathe fire or raise zombies!

And that’s just to start with. There’s so much that you can be in the Dawn Kingdoms.

Explore a virtual world lost in the mists of time

The Prehistorica Sim on Second Life offers a unique and (almost) authentic prehistoric environment to explore. Custom-built, using only era-appropriate plant life and features, this is a location unlike any other on the grid. Roam lush jungles, barren plains, natural caverns, volcanic vistas, exposed beaches and marine environments, and discover a habitat for every species.

You can add to the immersion by using the exclusive Primal Life survival simulator,  a game HUD that interfaces with your Dawn Kingdoms avatar. Hunt through the virtual landscape for food, water, and shelter, all while avoiding – or fighting! – other creatures. 

But… what’s that? A strange scientific gadget, quietly blinking away in the undergrowth? An inexplicable shimmer of light in the air? A glimpse of… something… floating high above, visible only through gaps in the clouds?

There’s more to this world than meets the eye…

Other Products

Don’t want to be a creature as much as you want to own one? We hear you! Our animesh range is coming, and it’s going to be incredible. For sneak previews of some of the features, look out for our event-exclusive charity products and giveaways!

You can also purchase static diorama statues of our models and accompanying prehistoric plant life for your landscaping needs, only at the in-world store.

There are also expansions to make your Dawn Kingdoms avatars even better. Try bakes-on-mesh or swappable alternate body parts for even more personalisation. Or get scripts and saddles to allow another avatar to ride on your back – or in your mouth or claws!

Explore the range, and stay tuned for more exciting things to come.

Discover our community

Our grand museum-style in-world store is a great place to hang out. View our detailed dioramas, catch up on upcoming events, and show off your avatars! 

Launch parties for new releases are regularly held in this space and out on the SIM, with live music, herd migrations, or flights of dragons. And, of course, mini-games! (And mini-games mean prizes…!)

This is a family-friendly SIM (although nature is red in tooth and claw). Virtual days out, school trips, and science expeditions are welcome!

Mod Kit Downloads

Dawn Kingdoms avatars can be modified by you beyond the built-in customisation options. If you’re a creator yourself, or know your way around a relevant computer program or two, then you can build your own modifications. Your imagination is the limit!

For some avatars, non-SL-compatible files have been made available for external download to help with creating well-fitting mods and add-ons. It will say in the avatar’s notecards if there is an associated mod kit. You can find all mod kits available to date on the Downloads page.


Latest News

Keep up to date with new releases and events by following the Dawn Kingdoms blog. In-world announcements disappear, but blog posts are forever! Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks also coming soon to the blog. Stay tuned!

This year’s Second Life Birthday and Relay Weekend racetrack displays are our best yet! Take a look if you haven’t already… and keep an eye out for freebies!

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We’re at Fantasy Faire! Explore the rough-hewn caves in the cliffs of the bear clan (much more our speed than a castle, doncha think?) and find a fantastic faire exclusive…

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Last, but most certainly not least, comes the Zephyr Head, offering a sharp and striking silhouette to give your Dragon or Wyvern an impressive but intelligent look.

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As promised, the releases keep coming! This time we’re inspired by the classical references to dragons as a Great Serpent, offering a svelte serpentine head.

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Happy Easter everyone! Another April weekend means another alt head, this time with an Easter treat for early birds! See the new design, inspired by our prehistoric roots.

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There’s a new release in store every weekend this month! Four alt heads for the Core Dragon & Wyvern will be launched, giving you even more options for your avatar.

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